• Depressed center wheel

    Depressed center wheel

    High-quality alumina abrasives and resin abrasives are hot pressed.

    Product features: product safety, high efficiency, high precision, more wear-resistant, stable and durable, with the features of high tensile resistance, impact resistance, bending resistance, fast grinding speed, smooth grinding, long service life.

    The product is mainly used for: grinding, rust removal, polishing, metal grinding, welding seam grinding, welding seam chamfering, and surface derusting.

  • Net-wheel


    1. The grid sand tray is made by planting sand on a specially processed glass fiber mesh.

    2. Product features: uniform grid and abrasive grain consumption, long service life, large wear pin area, heat dissipation and other properties. The grinding ratio is 3-5 times of the same product, and the safety factor is high.

    3. Suitable for shipyard, automobile industry, rust removal, paint removal and other functions.

  • Cutting wheel

    Cutting wheel

    Hot-pressed with high-quality resin and abrasive
    Product features: good product stability, sharpness does not burn the workpiece, moderate hardness, preferably abrasive material, strong and not easy to fall off,
    and it has the characteristics of tensile, impact and bending strength.
    The products are mainly suitable for: ordinary steel (angle steel, square steel, flat steel, rebar, steel pipe, etc.), large steel, high hardness steel, stainless steel, die steel, alloy steel, etc.