• Potassium fluoroborate

    Potassium fluoroborate

    Potassium fluoborate is a crystalline white powder. Slightly soluble in water, ethanol and ether, but insoluble in alkaline solutions. The relative density (d20) is 2.498. Melting point: 530(decomposition)

  • Industrial fabrics

    Industrial fabrics

    At present, Yousheng has also invested a new force in the development of industrial fabrics. In order to improve product quality, it has newly invested in ring spinning and open-end spinning equipment. The companys leading products have several series: all-cotton industrial fabrics, all-polyester industrial fabrics, polyester-cotton industrial fabrics, etc. The main products are mainly suitable for emery cloth back base.

  • Synthetic cryolite

    Synthetic cryolite

    Cryolite is a crystalline white powder. Slightly soluble in water, with a density of 2.95-3.0, and a melting point of about 1000°C. It is easy to absorb moisture and can be decomposed by strong acids such as sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid to form the corresponding aluminum and sodium salts.